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A Message from the Founder

FoxFireFiction fulfills two major dreams for me.

One is the dream of creativity: showcasing both my dabblings as well as my more professional forays into the world of entertainment media. My curious nature means there’s quite a lot of different types of media to be found here, including writing, art, animation, and perhaps eventually, simple video games. My main genre of interest is fantasy, in the same spirit of such universes as Dragonlance, Warcraft, the Elder Scrolls, the Stormlight Archives, and Robin Hobbs’ Realm of Elderlings. My ultimate dream is add my universe(s) to this list of famous fantasy realms, but, well, that’ll take some doing yet!

My second dream is that of an artsy space away from the politics that seem to be festering in all major entertainment companies as of 2021. (Maybe in the future, this will change and I can remove this section!) This is a safe space, as truly intended by the word “safe”, where you can get back to enjoying themes, characters, and values from a less political time, when orcs were simple monsters not to be confused for a commentary on real life racism, casts of characters do not have to meet identity quotas, and the damsel in distress can be rescued by the knight without having to worry about being a tough feminine personality to boot.

Though currently I am still feeling out the ways to make this dream into a reality, my goal is to create a kind of second Etsy here, where you can connect with fellow artists and writers, showcase your work, chat up your favorite fandoms, and even do some business. This may end up growing beyond and into a more formal website, but, again, that’ll take some doing yet, and I’ll certainly let y’all know about that when we get there!

Community Guidelines

We don’t have many, but what we do have is as follows:


  1. Don’t be a jerk!
  2. Have fun, as much as you can without breaking rule #1!

Supporters, Professionals, and Businesses:

  1. Currently this community focuses on the entertainment industry only. This means things like artwork, books, music, video games, films, and plays. For other kinds of creative hobbies, please poke around on for something that suits you. I’m sure the other communities would be glad for the traffic!
  2. Keep any content posted directly to this community below a PG-13 level. For those who don’t live in America with our film ratings system, this means only things you would be comfortable with your teenager viewing, or as is said on the internet: Safe-For-Work (SFW). Limited swearing is okay.
  3. If you link to content outside of, you may include content up to an R rating, otherwise known as Adult, Mature, or Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW). Note that whatever element gave your content that R rating cannot be visible in your post here!
  4. If you are advertising your services or for a business, please limit such posts to one post per quarter (every three months). If you are posting an opportunity for a job or commission, limit this to one post per opening. (Multiple openings can be put in the same post.) These measures are to help reduce spam. 
  5. Posts that violate the above rules may be removed without warning. I say may; I’ll try to tell you if you break the rules and what you can do to fix it, but the reality is I can’t foresee every situation, and there may be times I just have to pull things without notice.
  6. Similar to the above, we here on FoxFireFiction are not responsible for the business practices of companies or individuals advertising through here, meaning, if someone you found through us defaults on payments, breaks a contract with you, or otherwise is acting the jerk, we can’t do anything about it. You’d have to refer to your payment processors or a personal lawyer for that. We do however reserve the right to block businesses or individuals we get multiple reports on for bad behavior.

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